Karol (Saint-Petersburg) – a participant of RopeFest Baltia!

My acquaintance with shibari began starting from a visit to a party of “Yugen” shibari club in May of 2011. The atmosphere and the energy that was there enthralled me, as if I got into a different world. I assuredly wanted to feel those emotions. I had tried bondage as a model, and it was amazing. Then I felt I wanted to learn to tie myself – tie beautifully, emorionally, deeply. I use ropes in a traditional way in private sessions without viewers, enjoying the partner’s reactions to the pain caused. On stage I create and try to show the play and the interaction, enjoying not only the reactions of the partner but also the reactions of the viewers. Emotions on stage and emotions at home are two different things, different energies, and they are both awesome in their own way. I am always glad to meet new people and ready to share my experience and love for shibari.
Coorganizer of RopeFest Baltia and other projects of ArtCo.
I am a RopeSchool instructor since 2014.