(English) Renata (Saint-Petersburg) is a shibari model of RopeFest Baltia!

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I take active part in the following themed events since 2016: RopeFest Peterburg, Fetish Faculty, Bondage Cafe SPb, “Yugen” shibari club, MoscowKnot, BoundCon (Munich), RopeFest Baltia (Riga).
I’ve been lucky to interaction with many wonderful bondage masters. They all do the same thing, but all of them are unique! Every time I enter a new world of emotions, never knowing what awaits me – tenderness, love, caring or fire, passion and sex – or it might be something more spiritual and meditative… In this moment the ropes, master and I are one, and some unknown force flows within us. For me shibari is about connection, intimacy, trust and sex.