Workshops on RopeFest Riga. All workshops wi be held on the 2nd of July 2017. Pre-registration nedeed. Write to for pre-gegistration, please. The price for every workshop is 50 euros per couple.
The address info after pre-registration.

1. “Hip harness. How to make it and how to use it”. Teacher – Stefano Laforgia (Italy). 12.00 – 15.00.
Level: intermediate (some experience with basic ties required. Experience with suspensions is a bonus)
What to bring: 8-10 pieces x 8m of jute rope.
“During this unique workshop we will start by learning the design and secrets of the Tobutsuru hip harness, designed by Stefano as an evolution and improvement of the typical three-level hip harness, still maintaining a genuine japanese look and feel. We will learn how to properly tension this tie and will do extensive tests of its construction in various situations (yoko tsuri, sakasa tsuri, aomuke tsuri).
In the second part of this workshop we will combine this harness together with a takatekote in order to create beautiful and restrictive ties suitable for both floor work and suspensions.”
2. “First steps into suspension bondage”. Teacher – Vendula Edna (Chezh Republic). 16.00-19.00.
“How to learn basics about suspension: safety, communication, awareness of risks, safe attaching of
suspension lines, yoko tsuri, futomomo tsuri.”
3. “Marionette Suspension”, Level for all. Teacher – Lahtnor (Sweden). 20.00 – 23.00.
“This suspension is very dynamic and playful and creates a tremendous variety for both rigger and model. It explores body awareness for those who are bound. It can be a great challenge to move freely using your stability and strength, you can vary your position from standing to inverted without changing any lines. It also maintains security since you can always return to standing if it becomes stressful. Riggers can use the tie to move the model in any form or shape you see fit and help in the flowing movements your model and you want to experience. This creates a unique interaction between the rigger and the one who is bound since you both can initiate something for the tie.”